• A computer analysis on the reverberating characteristics of Pisa Baptistery, led to the discovery of a suggestive reference frame used for designing and building the Baptistery: everything here is based on the golden number, the regular pentagon and, finally, a star.

  • The Piazza dei Miracoli (the Miracle Square) is one of most famous place in the world and considered one of the most beautiful architectural complex of the Romanic period of the History of Art.  It’s well known that the monuments of the Piazza (the Leaning Tower, the Cathedral and the Baptistery) are the result of a very rich and glorious period in the history of  Pisa.

  • What is less known is that the whole Piazza was designed and built as a giant solar clock and solar calendar for marking time during the day and during the seasons of the year: in this sense the Piazza worked as an effective and practical "tool" for marking and control the dayly and yearly life of people of past times.

  • The Baptistery is famous for its internal echo and reverberation: during the visit of tourists, the guardians sing inside the Baptistery for emphasizing this fantastic resonance.
  • The project named “Siderisivox” has been proposed by the late Mons. Silvano Burgalassi with the aim of investigating the internal acoustic characteristics of the Baptistery and of using them for composing and executing a special music.
  • Here the monument is not considered a "place" where to execute music but, rather, an "instrument" for executing electro-acoustic music under the control of computer generated anechoic sounds: the baptistery-instrument plays and tells about the Baptistery Monument.

  • The concert "Siderisvox" took place on the evenings of 23 and 24 june 2006

see paper : Una Stella nel Battistero di Pisa