pureCMusic language




In order to put at work the gesture tracking devices and systems realized and to fully use the processing capabilities of a laptop computer, I started to write a very basic library of functions for synthesizing and processing sound.
In the long run the library became a very efficient, stable and powerful framework based on pure C programming language, that is “pure-C-Music”, or pCM.
As an extension of pCM, Object Oriented-pureCMusic (pCM++) makes it possible to define “instruments” as objects.
This programming framework gives the possibility to write a piece of music in terms of an algorithmic-composition-based program and of synthesis algorithms controlled by data streaming from external controllers.
Both the orchestra and the score is written  in C language (with di advantage of using everything provided by the language itself)  compiled into machine code running at CPU speed.

see paper : The pureCMusic (pCM++)  framework as open-source music language (CMMR2005 - Springer)